Man Flies Drone into Gigantic, Strange Hole in Lake – The Footage Is Incredible

The Lake Berryessa reservoir located in northern California has reached its full capacity for the first time in eleven years, and crowds of tourists are flocking to the area to get a glimpse at the unusual sight! Why?
Well, you see, because water began flowing into the lake’s Glory Hole spillway located about 200 feet from the Monticello Dam like a giant bathtub drain. The last time this happened was all the way back in 2006. It’s definitely something you don’t see too often, but some people aren’t satisfied with just watching from a distance.
One man, for instance, used his drone to take a better look, and the footage is going viral. The man managed to flew his drone straight into the giant drain and show the water spiraling down in a beautiful way.
He also managed to get breathtaking aerial footage of the entire Lake Berryessa that is sure to make you want to pay a visit as soon as possible. Although the footage is incredible, flying a drone so close to the water hole is not recommended.
For once, you risk of losing your drone, especially it doesn’t have enough flying power or you simply get too close. Also, you risk getting a ticket if you don’t have permission to fly your drone over the World Famous Glory Hole Spillway. This footage was recorded with authorization from dam operators by a professional.
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