Man Builds 58 Crosses For Las Vegas, Weeks Later He’s Left in Tears Over Unexpected News

Sometimes, the best in people can surface in times of tragedy to remind us all that most people out there are inherently good and that we are never truly alone. The story in the video below is a story of people coming together to overcome tragedy and support one another when all seems hopeless.
And it all starts with this man: Greg Zanis, a gifted carpenter with an incredible heart. Over the past two decades, the man has constructed over 14,000 crosses for victims and their families through his non-profit organization called Crosses for Losses.
Like most of the rest of the world, Greg watched in shock as news stations everywhere were counting the victims in the aftermath of the Las Vegas mass-shooting when 58 innocent people attending a music festival lost their lives.
Greg wanted to do something to honor the souls that were lost that dreadful day, so he started up a Go Fund Me campaign and was able to build 58 crosses which he then placed behind the infamous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign.
People who saw the crosses were touched by Greg’s beautiful gesture meant to bring light in the midst of darkness. And many wanted to show appreciation for it and somehow repay Greg for all his hard work.
What happened next is proof that what goes around comes back around, and that sooner or later, everyone gets what they deserve. The FOX5 Surprise Squad surprised Greg with a gift that he was in urgent need of for quite some time.
Watch the video below to find out what it was and how Greg reacted to the surprise:

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