Man Asks For 10 Volunteers To Shovel Snow For Seniors, Overwhelmed By Huge Response

It’s easy to look at all the things going wrong in the world, shrug your shoulders and think of yourself as being too small to produce any kind of real change. However, we can all contribute to making the world a better place. It starts with our families and our communities.
The young man in the video below is a shining example that as long as you are willing, you are capable of inspiring change. Jahmal Cole started getting involved in solving the problems his community was facing by doing a simple gesture. The man noticed that there were several seniors who were unable to shovel the snow in front of their homes, so he reached out to other people, and together they helped the elderlies in their community.
Jahmal was surprised by the huge response he received from other people willing to do their part and get involved. So Jahmal has since put together other projects as well, all meant to help the community where he lives.
Just recently, over 250 volunteers from 56 different areas around metropolitan Chicago gathered in East Garfield Park for a One Block at a Time Service event led by My Block, My Hood, My City which is run by Jahmal.

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