Man Has over 10,000 Babies Buried On His Property, But Continues “Adopting” More Despite Backlash

The man in the video below is the sole caretaker of no less than 19,000 graves. How did he end up doing this job that seemingly nobody wants? Well, for the past decade and a half, Tong Phuoc Phuc from Vietnam has been burying babies from abortion clinics, and his story is now going viral.
Everything started back in 2001 when his wife became pregnant. During a visit to the hospital, Tong saw that there were women there who were entering a room and coming out looking deeply sad.
It didn’t take long for him to realize what was going on, and he couldn’t bear the thought of those poor babies leaving this world without as little as getting a proper burial ceremony. So he decided to take the aborted children from the hospital atop a mountain called Hon Thom in the city of Nha Tran.
Using his savings, he arranged everything so that the babies could have a proper burial. It wasn’t easy for him to take this decision, as everyone in his life, including his wife, couldn’t see why he had to dedicate so much time and resources for someone else’s unwanted children.
Even so, the man carried on burying a whopping 10,000 babies over the years. All along, though, his main desire was to somehow manage to save some of these babies and make the women contemplating abortion change their minds.
Now, the cemetery who looks more like a garden than a graveyard is a place where uncertain women can come to and think about the decision they are about to make. Tong hopes that this way, women will see the impact of their actions and reconsider their choices.
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