Maid Thinks She’s Cleaning House For ‘Important Person’s’ Party – Then They Move Her Stuff In

Life as a single mom is no walk in the park, especially when you have three kids you have to take care of and provide for from a single paycheck. And no one knows this better than the woman in the video below.
Cara Simmons, 36, is a single mother of three and despite her effort to work multiple jobs to support her family, money never seemed to be enough to cover for all of her family’s numerous expenses.
All the stress to provide for her family has resulted in Cara being hospitalized several times due to health problems. Despite all this, the woman never stopped pushing herself to make sure her children never go to bed hungry.
Knowing how much Cara’s been through and all the challenges she had to face to be able to take care of her kids, her employer, Maid Bright, decided to put together a surprise for her that was bound to change her life forever.
With help from the guys at Break, the company managed to orchestrate a surprise that left Cara absolutely speechless.
The clip showing the surprise unfold, as well as Cara’s reaction, was viewed more than 10 million times. Make sure you watch it too.

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