Magic door prank had people freaking out!

Magic is definitely a subject that has fascinated people for a very long time. We all like to see and experience things that seemingly have no logical explanation. And that’s exactly what goes on in the video below.
YouTuber called Penguin Magic set up a prank/magic act that left bystanders open-mouthed. He placed a door in the middle of a park. Nothing too crazy so far, right? At first glance, it looked like just an ordinary door placed in an unconventional place.
But here comes the cool park. When people sat down on a certain bench in the park, the prankster entered the door to reveal something pretty incredible. Once the man walks through the door, he seemingly disappears into thin air.
Now, we all expect to see these kinds of things on movies or on television, but how would you react if you saw anything like this in real life?
Well, the people who actually got to see this incredible magic act live had all sorts of reactions. From being shocked to thinking their eyes are playing tricks on them, they displayed a wide array of reactions.
Would you have freaked out watching this live?

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