Looking for His Mom in Heaven He Calls 911, Officer Offers Boy a Truly Profound Solution

Losing a parent is always going to be heartbreaking no matter how old you are. But experiencing this at an early age can be downright devastating. Kids rely on their parents not only for financial support but also for unconditional love and moral support.
No one can take the place of a parent, no matter how well-intended they might be. The kind of emptiness a child experiences when mom or dad is suddenly not around anyone is just shattering.
This is the kind of emotion those who set up to film the clip aimed to convey. The video tells the story of a boy calling 911 after his mom passed away and telling the officer at the other end of the line that his mom went missing.
The boy then told the police officer that his dad told him that his mom went to Heaven after spending a couple of days in the hospital. But the little boy wasn’t buying his explanation. He never got to see his mom after she was taken at the hospital, as dad told him and his brother to wait at home.
Patiently, the officer listened to him and after asking his name, he provided him with a solution to his problem, and it is likely to bring tears to your eyes.
As simple as it was, the man’s advice helped the boy get the closer he needed. To find out what was the solution that the police officer suggested, make sure to watch the video below until the end.

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