Little Girl Sings Dolly’s Mega Hit – Unique Voice Instantly Captivates The Internet

Jolene by Dolly Parton has to be one of the most famous country songs in the world. So it’s no surprise that many artists have covered the song throughout the years. But as any of those artists would tell you, it’s not an easy song to perform.
You not only need an exceptional voice that you can control perfectly, but you also need to be able to convey the powerful message the song carries. It’s a challenge even for experienced adults, not to mention a ten-year-old with very little singing experience.
Even so, the young girl on the video below did an incredible job singing Dolly’s mega hit. Her innocent yet strong voice has captured people’s attention online, and it’s safe to say this is only the beginning for this talented young lady.
Sure, she is still really young, but Dolly Parton was only ten when she started performing professional, appearing on local television and radio shows in Knoxville. So you never know what the future could bring for this young talent as well.
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