Little Girl Prays for Steve Harvey, Has Audience in Stitches

The little girl in the video below might be young and small, but she definitely has a huge personality that will put a smile on your face.
She was recently invited to take part in Steve Harvey’s popular TV show called Little Big Shots, a show that is all about talented children with huge potential to be among the elites of entertainment and showbiz.
After proper introductions were made, Steve Harvey wanted to get to know Natalie a little bit better so he started asking her some pretty simple questions. But as soon as Natalie started feeling comfortable in front of the cameras (which was straight away), she caused all sorts of commotion.
Natalie wanted to make sure she was portrayed in the best light possible – like any celebrity would do – so she insisted that Harvey would give her the chance to showcase her amazing spelling skills.
Once she got that part over with, Natalie went ahead and told Steve about her big family, while also sharing some secrets that her family didn’t exactly wanted to be made public. Well, when you have someone like Natalie as a sibling, you have to pay attention to what you say.
There’s nothing this spirited little lady won’t share, as long as she gets to be the center of attention. As the interview came to an end, Steve Harvey asked Natalie to do him one last favor and say a little pray for him.
What she did next will leave you in stiches!

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