This Little Corgi Loves to Help with Chores and Looks Adorable Doing It

Most of us don’t like doing household chores – and for good reason. After all who would rather work than, you know, Netflix and chill?
Well, the adorable Corgi in the video below actually seems to enjoy helping out around the house, and the images will definitely put a smile on your face.
His owner has to be one of the luckiest dog owners in the world to have a pet that is so well behaved and eager to help out. As you can see, the Corgi is quick to help his owner when in need.
When she saw that her owner needed some milk, she grabbed a carton and hurried up to carry it to them with glee. It honestly doesn’t get much adorable than this!
If you need something to brighten up your day and alcohol is not an option, this is the video for you! Take a look and don’t forget to share it with all of your friends and family online. And if you have a dog, you might try showing this to him as well.
Who knows, maybe he’ll feel inspired and start helping you around the house as well. One can only hope, right?

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