Little Boy Tries to Help Mommy with Groceries, Instead Has Internet in Tears of Laughter

Kids of all ages are curious in nature and love to discover as many details about the world as possible, which is why they ask so many questions all the time. And the adorable little boy in the video below is at an age when his appetite for learning is sky-high. So he wants to know everything from why the grass is green to what the process in his family is for putting together the grocery list.
Also, he wants to be helpful around the house and contribute as much as he can. So he is always looking for new ways to make himself useful.
His mom managed to capture him while he was in the middle of an adorable little mission; that of writing down’s mom’s shopping list. Her charming Southern accent combined with his adorable facial expression and his commitment to the “mission” is what turned this clip into a viral one.
This comes to show once more that kids really do have the best intentions, even if the results of their work are far from being perfect. And it’s safe to say this little boy is going to grow up to be a real pillar to his family.

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