Little Boy Says He Sounds Just Like Johnny Cash, Within Seconds Has Crowd to Their Feet

Everybody knows who Johnny Cash was, right? The American singer-songwriter, guitarist, actor, and author is rightfully considered to be one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century, having sold more than 90 million record worldwide. It’s a performance that only a handful of artists throughout history have managed to match.
Johnny Cash passed away in 2003, but he continues to be a musical legend. All the amazing songs and movies he’s left behind are the greatest legacy he’s left to this world. Even now, more than a decade after his death, his songs are still being listened to pretty much everywhere in the United Stated and not only.
What’s even more impressive is the fact that his music has managed to also have an impact on the young generation. Just look at the amazing kid in the video below!
The boy is only in second-grade, but he’s already been dubbed as “Little John” due to the outstanding resemblance to Johnny Cash. Everybody says he sounds just like a young Johnny Cash, and that’s no small feat.
What’s more, the boy is a huge Johnny Cash fan and would love nothing more than to walk in his footsteps. But those are some big shoes to fill! Still, if this performance is any indication of what’s to follow, it’s safe to say the boy has a real shot of becoming a world-renowned artist like Johnny Cash is.
What do you think? Does his voice resemble that of Johnny Cash? Make sure to watch the video until the end before forming an opinion.

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