This little boy at a baseball game struggles with the concept of a hot dog

What’s the point of going to a baseball game if you’re not going to have at least a couple of those delicious hot dogs? They are hot, juicy, flavored, but if you’re a kid with little experience eating hot dogs at a baseball game, they are also pretty hard to eat.
I mean, there’s the bun, the sauce, and of course the sausage that doesn’t always sit nicely inside the bun…It can get pretty confusing. This young and adorable Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim fan was caught on video while struggling to figure out the best way to eat a hot dog, and the images are going viral.
The boy is definitely confused by why his food is coming undone right in front of his eyes, and why the sausage is not glued to the bun. At one point, the sausage actually falls somewhere in beneath the seats, but that doesn’t stop the adorable boy from enjoying his hot dog.
He finally sets the bun aside and just focuses on the best part: the meat. Well, the good news is that the kid has a lot of time ahead to master eating a hot dog, right?

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