Lady Gaga Asks Matt LeBlanc The Real Question: Monica Or Rachel

The show “Friends” will always remain in history as the most successful sitcom about 20-something-year-olds. And even though the cast of the show stopped shooting decades ago, they will forever be associated with the other members of the cats. And even though the show ended, there are still several questions that we still don’t have answers to.
Well, thanks to Lady Gaga, there’s one question we can scratch off the list. During an appearance on “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” Matt LeBlanc answered an age-old ‘Friends’ question: Rachel, or Monica?
Most of us know how the character he played on Friends would have answered the question. After all, Joey’s romantic interest when it comes to Rachel was made pretty obvious during some point in the show. However, when it comes to LeBlanc’s tastes, we were in the dark. That’s until now.
LeBlanc surprised everyone with his choice, and gave an answer that will remind you of Joey a little bit. He said while laughing: “Ahh … I’d have to say … I’d have me some Phoebe. She’s very bendy”.
You can watch the entire moment, as well as the actor’s reaction when asked the question in the video below.

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