Most Know the Song ‘Angels Among Us’ by Alabama, But Few Know Heartbreaking Story Behind It

Every song conveys a certain mood, but not every song has a powerful story behind. Well, the song “Angels Among Us” by Alabama, a music group that reached fame in the late 70s, is one of those songs that not only have a great message but also a beautiful story.
If you don’t know who Alabama is, then chances are you were born somewhere after 1980. But, don’t worry, you have plenty of time to catch up on things. First off, you have to know that they first formed in Fort Wayne, Alabama – hence the name.
The best way to describe the group using one word is this: family. Randy Owen and his cousin were the ones who founded the group back in 1969, and they later got their other cousin on board. Together, they managed to break all kinds of records, and many people still listen to their music today, four decades after the group was founded.
One of the most appreciated song they released was Angels among Us, a song that was inspired by the energies that exist around us, those angels that walk among us to show us the right path during our darkest hours.

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