Do You Know Someone Who Hates Cilantro? Doctor Explains the Real Reason Why

If you’re a fan of guacamole, then chances are you like cilantro. To a lot of people, the herb tastes delicious, be it as a garnish or as a seasoning. However, there are also many people who can’t stand the taste of it.
Even Julia Child who is considered to be one of the queens of the culinary arts never used it in her dishes because it hated the way it tasted.
So what’s the explanation? How come people have such mixed opinions when it comes to this flavorful little green sprig? Researches have studied this phenomenon up-close and the results are pretty fascinating.
As it turns out, the reason why some people love cilantro and other say it tastes like soup boils down to genetics. You see, some people are genetically wired to like cilantro and other to despise it.
The study which was conducted on twins showed that people who didn’t like cilantro all shared one specific gene sensitive to the chemical called aldehydes.
Sounds complicated? The video below will help you shape up a better understanding of this strange phenomenon, so make sure to watch all the way through the end and share it with your friends who hate cilantro.

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