Kid of addict parents gets “adopted” by America’s Got Talent after tear-jerking audition.

Life doesn’t always go as planned, and no one knows this better than the young man in the video below. You see, life hasn’t been easy for Jaycob Curlee. His childhood was a difficult one, to say the least. That’s because his parents were in and out of jail, doing drugs and leading a dangerous lifestyle.
Jacob was only 5-years-old when child services came and took him away from his biological parents who were clearly not ready to take care of a child. Jacob went to several foster homes, but his life finally took a turn for the better when he met his current parents.
This all happened only a few years ago, but Jacob is now an entirely different person. That’s thanks to his parents who made sure he had all the love and attention needed.
Jacob shared his impressive life story when he stepped on stage at America’s Got Talent to audition for a place in the competition. He chose to do a wonderful rendition of John Mayer’s, “Waiting On the World to Change,” and the result will likely bring tears to your eyes.
There is no way you are not going to be impressed by this young man’s amazing talent. His story is proof that through determination and passion, you can overcome any kind of obstacle and fulfill your dreams – even if the odds seem stacked against you.
Jacob’s journey from being abandoned by his parents to achieving his biggest dream of performing in front of the judges at America’s Got Talent is inspiring. It’s definitely something worth sharing.

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