Judge Stands in Disbelief When He Turns and Sees the Singer On Stage.

It’s not easy to appear in front of a large audience and a jury like the one at The Voice, especially if you’re a teenager with no experience performing on a large stage.
It takes a lot of courage to get up on that stage and showcase your talent through a performance that might change your life forever. But it was particularly difficult for the 18-year-old in the video below.
Harrison Craig has suffered from an extreme stutter all of his life. As you can imagine, this brought him a lot of problems mostly because of people who would make fun of him. It’s something that damaged his self-confidence so bad that Harry actually developed a fear of expressing himself in public.
But there’s one thing that is bigger than his fear, and that is his passion. The only time when he feels completely safe and at peace is when he sings. Harrison surprised everyone with his incredible rendition of a Josh Groban song and managed to make it past the Blind Auditions.
In addition to his incredible talent, Harrison has also had the support of his family to help him through it all, as shown in the video below.

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