Judge Makes Comment About Nervous Girl’s Outfit. Then Belts Out Classic Leaving His Mouth Hang Open

Most people get nervous when they have to speak or appear in front of a large group of people, but for shy persons, it’s 100 times harder. The 14-year-old in the clip below has always been a shy person, but that didn’t stop her from pursuing her dream.
Because there is one thing that scares her more than having hundreds of people stare at her and being the center of attention. And that something is not being able to share her talent and passion for music with others.
That’s how she ended up auditioning for The X Factor Australia. When she first set foot on that stage, she was clearly nervous. And one of the judges’ comments about what she chose to wear that day surely didn’t come in handy when it comes to calming her down.
But as soon as she began singing, Marlisa immediately started to gain more confidence. And when she saw that she has the audience on her side, she realized that her decision to face one of her biggest fears was well worth it.
If you want to check out her flawless rendition of “Yesterday” by The Beatles, then all you have to do is hit that play button.


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