Judge Is Amazed by 13-Year-Old’s Angelic Voice – Moments Later, She’s in A Pool of Tears

The judges at talent shows like The Voice are not easily impressed, not even when there are kids involved. Their job there is to be objective and asses a contestant’s abilities and potential to become a successful entertainer and artist. There’s little room for emotions, because their decisions need to be based on rational thinking.
But sometimes, a contestant comes in who is so talented and whose performance is so powerful that it totally leaves the judges in awe. 13-year-old Solomia is one of those contestants. When she took the stage at The Voice Kids (Germany), she was obviously nervous but also excited to fulfil one of her biggest dreams, that of performing on a large stage in front of people whom she’d always looked up to.
From the second she started singing, the judges knew there was something special about her voice. It didn’t take them long to decide the girl deserves a place in the competition and quickly turned their seats to see who was the insanely talented young girl who had the voice of an angel.
By the end of her performance, pretty much everyone was in tears (including Solomia). Take a look:

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