Jennifer Nettles’ Mashup of ‘Hallelujah’ And ‘O Holy Night’ Is Sending Chills Down Everyone’s Spine

Jennifer Nettles has one of the easiest to recognize voices in the history of country music. Jennifer is best known as the lead vocalist of the duo Sugarland alongside Kristian Bush, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t shine as a solo artist as well.
She has the voice of a goddess and the extraordinary mashup of ‘Hallelujah’ And ‘O Holy Night’ captured in the video below is one of more proof of her incredible talent.
Not a lot of people know this about her, but Jennifer actually started her career early on by performing at school assemblies, her Southern Baptist church, and in community theater. She’s always been in love with country music, but Christmas song are very close to her heart as well.
In addition to her career as a singer and actress, Jennifer is also well-known for her activism, lending her time and talent to support different non-profit organizations, such as the Shalom foundation for which she raised more than $120,000 in a single year.
All of her charitable work has turned her into an even better artist who can relate to the problems and emotions many of her fans are dealing with on a day to day basis. Jennifer Nettles is the kind of singer who wears her heart on her sleeve and is not afraid to be vulnerable and show her true self through her performances and music.
And that is one of the reasons why her performances have the power to touch people in a way that is deeply personal and genuine. You need to see this!

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