Jennifer Lopez Wears ‘Normal-Looking’ Dress – Then The Camera Zooms Out

Although it can only last for a few minutes or so, a performance by an artist such as Jennifer Lopez requires days and days of planning. Every detail must be perfect. From the lighting to the setting and the elements of décor, everything must be thought of as to make the artist look good.
Sure, many would say that the only thing that matters is the music, but there’s no denying the fact that a lot more goes into putting on a show. Something as simple as the clothing the artist is wearing can make all the different and elevate the performance.
Such is the case of the performance captured in the video below. The dress Jennifer Lopez decided to wear was something special that made the entire performance stand out. Jennifer’s dress was basically one giant projection screen that changed colors and displayed various patterns that show different planets and galaxies, and even scenes from the movie “Home”.
The length of the dress was impressive as well; Jennifer looked like a goddess and her fans who showed up to see her perform were more than pleasantly surprised. Apparently, the dress itself was of regular length. However, the skirt that was attached to the dress was no less than 20-foot long, creating an effect that was hard to ignore.
And if this description wasn’t enough to impress you, wait until you see the dress in action; it’s really something else. This is definitely one of the most special Jennifer Lopez performances. Check it out and don’t forget to share!

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