Jehovah’s Witnesses Try to Convert Famous Pastor, His Response Has Them Running Away

Not to offend anyone, but the reality is that Jehovah’s Witnesses are broadly known as people who go around neighborhoods, knocking on doors and looking for people to whom they can talk about their beliefs and whom they can hopefully convert.
Sure, their main purpose it to spread the word of God, but there’s no denying that they also have an alternative motive, and that is to get people to join them and become a member of the community they are a part of.
Problem is, most people are not exactly thrilled about a stranger bothering them in the middle of the day to talk about their religious beliefs – especially when it’s done in a way that seems pushy and unnatural. Most people just avoid them by not opening the door.
Well, the man in the video below decided to give them a chance. But what those Jehovah Witnesses didn’t expect was for him to be a pastor. The man listened to them patiently, but when his turn came to speak, the man got a lot to say to them as well.
The man’s clever remarks made them run for the hills and never look back!

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