Jackie Evancho Takes the Stage with II Volo – Leaves Everyone Breathless with Beloved Christmas Hit

After performing at president’s Trump inauguration ceremony, Jackie Evancho faced some serious backlash and ended up losing a lot of her supporters. So she stepped out of the spotlight for a while. But now she’s back and better than ever.
Recently, she joined forces with the incredible men from Il Volo to perform an amazing rendition of the “Little Drummer Boy,” a Christmas classic that shouldn’t miss from your holiday playlist this year.
First released in 1958, the song has a pretty fascinating history behind it. Did you know that it was originally called “Carol of the Drum?” And believe it or not, the song is not the masterpiece of a famous composer who lived in that century but the work of American teacher named Katherine Kennicott Davis. Even so, the song was a hit and ended up being sang by thousands of artists from all over the world.
Now it’s Jackie’s time to leave her mark on the song, and the fact that she teamed up with a group of classical music singers is the icing on the cake. This holiday season, make sure to share the gift of quality music with your family and friends.

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