This intense haka performed at the wedding brought the bride to tears

Many people have never even heard about the haka tradition, but it’s a really important tradition in New Zeeland. Briefly put, the haka is a traditional war cry, a ceremonial war dance, or challenge from the Māori people of New Zealand.
The dance is typically performed by a group, with vigorous moves and loud noises that resemble those of ancient warriors during a fight. An interpretation of the haka is usually performed by New Zealand rugby teams before a match.
But it can be performed at other important events as well. Weddings, for example. The bride in the video below had her new husband’s family perform the haka at her wedding, and the result brought her to tears.
The beautiful dance was organized by the best man and led by the groom’s older brother.
The bride was so impressed by their incredible and passionate haka moves that she couldn’t help but shed a few tears – before joining in herself.
Luckily, the entire moment was captured on video by the bride’s cousin and his production company.
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