Inmates Break Free & Surround Guard. Their Actions Caught On Film Leave Internet In Disbelief

Gary Grimm has been guarding inmates in the courthouse for more than two decades, so he knows better than to let his guard down – even if it’s just for a second. But there are situations that not even extensive experience can prepare you for.
That is what happened when Gary unexpectedly fell down from his chair as he was guarding a group of inmates. It would have been enough for the inmates to just sit there and do nothing, and Gary might have lost his life right there and then.
Instead, though, the inmates who realized that Garry was actually suffering a massive heart attack decided to spring into action. The men banged on their cell door for minutes, but when they saw that no one was coming to help Garry, the broke down the door and rushed to help him themselves.
The entire scene was captured by the surveillance system. As Gary admitted, it would have been really easy for the inmates to just take his gun and shoot him in an attempt to escape, but luckily that wasn’t the case. For what they did, this security guard will always be thankful to them.
This story is incredible!

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