This infant drummer will rock your socks off!

At a first glance, playing the drums might look a tad chaotic. If you have an untrained eye, it may seem like all the drummer is doing is bang the drums randomly to create as much noise as possible. In reality, it’s not even close to that.
Professional drummers spend hours and hours rehearsing for a single song. Every single touch of the drum must be perfectly timed so that it sounds good. Every small mistake can ruin an entire song. On the other hand, many of the best songs ever wouldn’t be as great if there weren’t for the drums.
The bottom line is that being a professional drummer takes years and years of practice and experience. Those who want to do this for a living must commit to spending many hours in a row rehearsing to get a song perfectly.
The adorable kid in the video below is off to an early start, and has all chances to become an awesome drummer someday. His mom and dad have passed their passion for playing the drums to him, and the kid is slowing getting the gist of it. This has to be the most adorable drummer ever!

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