If you place a clothespin on your earlobe for 5 seconds, here’s the surprising effect

We all experience stress from time to time which can actually lead to headaches and muscle aches. Most people turn to over the counter drugs, but what if there was a natural, inexpensive alternative that could deliver the same result and alleviate stress and pain in just a matter of seconds?
Well, ear reflexology is exactly that! By placing a clothespin in strategic places in your earlobe, you can take care of all your little aches and pains in just a couple of minutes. There are six points on the ear, each of which is connected to a different body part.
For instance, if you experience mild discomfort in your back and shoulders area, then you have to place the clothespin in the upper part on your ear. Keep it there for about a minute, and you should start noticing the tension slowly starting to fade away.
Another point in your ear is connected to your inner organs. Placing a clothespin here helps relieve light pain and discomfort.
To discover the whole range of benefits you can experience by using this form of therapy, all you have to do is watch the video below in full.


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