If You Have One Of These VHS Tapes At Home You Might Be Sitting On A Goldmine

Disney VHS tapes were extremely popular in the 90s, but nowadays few young people actually know what a VHS tape is. You see, kids, before videos could be uploaded on YouTube and you could watch your favorite movies on Netflix, VHS tapes were pretty much the only way you could watch a movies at home. You would pluck them into a VHS player, and watch the movie.

VHS tapes were replaced when Blu-rays made their entrance, but some people held on to their old Disney VHS tapes. After all, VHP tapes might belong to technology graveyard, but Disney movies will never go out of style, right?

And some of those people who didn’t want to part with their beloved VHS tapes are now selling them on eBay. The asking price can go up for as much as $100,000! Hold on a second, that’s not how much they actually got, that’s how much they’ve asked.

In fact, Disney VHS tapes usually sold on EBay for between $4.24 and $70. But hey, if you have a pile of VHS tapes taking up space in your closet and no VHS player, then even making a few dollars off of them doesn’t sound like such a bad deal, now does it?

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