​​Hyper Bull Terrier Kept Getting Into Mischief Until He Got a Friend

Cheeco, a firecracker of a Bull Terrier, was a handful for his family. He would run around non-stop, plop on the floor during walks, and rip up the furniture for fun. His family was told to expect this kind of behavior when they got him, but sometimes it was too much.

They tried everything to calm him down, including playdates and walks three times a day. But then they had a brilliant idea: they would get him a friend.

That’s when Sadie, a Golden Retriever puppy, came into their lives. Sadie was the perfect playmate for Cheeco. She was just as energetic as he was, but she was also more patient and gentle. The two dogs quickly became inseparable, and they helped each other burn off all that excess energy.

With Sadie in his life, Cheeco finally started to calm down. He still had his moments of hyperactivity, but they were much less frequent. He was also much more well-behaved, and he no longer destroyed the furniture.

Sadie had made all the difference in the world for Cheeco. She was the perfect friend for him, and she helped him to become a happier and healthier dog.

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