Husband Made Fun Of Her Behind After Giving Birth To Their Firstborn. But Her Reply Made Him Regret It BIGTIME.

When a woman looks at another woman , we used to hear a sequence of defects. E fat , is low , his eyes are too close or too large teeth : these are things that we observe in an ” opponent ” . Very rarely hear a woman say about another that is simply beautiful . That is voluptuous , it’s ” good ” or other vulgar epithet that eventually all a hurting , yes, that you may hear it . But when you hear malicious remarks coming from a man, you do not know what to think. There is no competition to justify raised eyebrow followed by a list of faults “He has wide hips and ankles pretty thick .” What more chances we have to feel beautiful when arrows come from both sides ? Would be correct , at least morally , qualities they see us , right? The next woman managed to react similarly to her husband when he wanted it.



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