Horse reunites with old friend 4 years later, even owner is caught off guard by horse’s reaction

We all admire horses for being these majestic, royal-looking creatures, but did you know horses can actually remember each other and have the kind of emotions humans experience when not seeing a loved one for a long time?
If you don’t think this is true, then you have to watch the video below. In it, three beautiful horses are reunited after more than four years of being apart, and their incredible reaction will most likely bring tears to your eyes.
The horses first met as foals, and they immediately became best friends. According to their owners, the foals were pretty much inseparable. However, one of the horses named Arthur was sold off in 2008. Four years passed before he was re-purchased, and the owners decided to have him move back in with his old mates.
However, she wasn’t convinced whether the three would have any memories regarding their youth spent together. But what happened when Arthur met with his old pals strengthened her belief that these beautiful animals are most certainly capable of having strong emotions and memories.
This is something that you have to see yourself to believe, so make sure to take a good look because this moment is truly special!

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