Home Free’s Unique Spine Chilling Spin On “How Great Thou Art” Is Going Viral

What’s your happy place? You know, that place in your mind you go to whenever you need to take a moment to yourself or when you’re in the dentist’s chair. For me, it’s place in nature with beautiful green grass and cascading mountains, with birds chirping and the sun up on the sky.
Well, if your happy place looks anything like what described in the lines above, then you’ll definitely appreciate the video below.
In it, the incredibly talented men of the country a capella group, Home Free, perform a well-known hymn that has the power to bring anyone to tears. Their soothing voices as they perform “How Great Thou Art,” combine perfectly with the amazing décor where the video was shot.
By listening to this song, you will instantly be transported in your mind to that happy place we talked about earlier in this post. So if you are feeling a bit tense of stressed, make sure to take a few minutes to listen to this song and the message it conveys, and see what it does to your mood.
And if you enjoyed the experience, do the right thing and share this powerful song with others.

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