His name is Rami. The mix of dog breeds makes for an odd looking animal with a large pitbull head and short dachshund legs

Everybody, meet Rami! Rami is taking over the Internet these days, and it’s all thanks to his peculiar looks. You see, the pup has an incredibly unique heritage. He is the offspring of a stocky pit bull and a stubby-legged dachshund, which means he is unlike any dog you’ve seen before.
Still, Rami’s life so far was anything but rainbows and sunshine. The dog was actually abandoned and found in a backyard in Georgia. It’s most likely that Rami had been wandering the streets of Georgia for quite some time.
When he was found, the dog looked malnourished, dehydrated, and in desperate need of some love and attention. With no home to call his own, the dog had grown to be afraid to be around people, so his rescuers had to put some effort into making him trust humans again.
But all that effort paid off. Rami turned out to be an extremely affectionate dog with a personality that matches his one-of-a-kind appearance. After receiving the much-needed medical assistance, the dog was taken to the nearest animal center where he waited to find a permanent home and meeting his new owners.
Luckily, after his story went viral, Rami managed to find loving owners willing to provide him with a new home and the chance at a happy life.
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