They hired unsuspecting temps to work in “office” and kept raising the temperature—See what happens

Clime change is a real issue, and environmental experts have been warning authorities for a really long time, asking for something to change. Still, the situation is only gotten worse. The Earth is getting hotter and hotter, and we can already sense the effects. In many parts around the Globe, summers are getting unbearably hot and winters are getting hotter. Extreme weather is something we hear about in the news more and more often.
Something’s got to change, but is seems that many people are still oblivious when it comes to the many dangers that come from the Earth getting hotter and hotter.
In an attempt to raise awareness on the real consequences of clime changes, the guys at Upworthy set up a hidden camera prank. They got some unsuspecting victims to start working as temps in one of their offices. The catch was this: the temperature inside the office was extremely high, and it only got worse by the minute.
At one point, the thermometer actually showed up to 95 degrees. The humidity level was all crazy high. The rest of the people working in the office (actors) started to complain about the heat, but how will the temps react?
Take a look and find out.

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