A high-wire walk between hot air balloons is the most insane thing you’ll see all day

Get ready because you’re about to see something that will totally blow your mind. The stunt captured in the video below is one of the most dramatic and spectacular stunts to ever be captured on video, and it will take you on an amazing journey up in the clouds.
With the help of their friends from Globus Kon Tiki, the daredevils in the video below managed to put up a line between two hot air balloons that were up in the clouds to try their first completely movable highline.
The stuntmen who call themselves the Skyliners wanted to put their amazing skills to the test by walking on what has to be the most incredible skyline in the world. This is definitely one of the best stunts ever!
Your palms will get sweaty just by watching this; I can’t imagine the rush the stuntmen felt being up in the clouds and walking on a tiny-weeny rope. But I bet the view was amazing!
This is as close to the skyline that it gets! Make sure to give your friends and family a chance to watch this awesome clip and hit that share button!

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