He’s filming his sons dancing in the driveway. Now WATCH what the one on the left does next — Adorable!

Many kids nowadays have a favorite singer whose songs they know by heart. In the case of the two boys in the video below, that singer is Justin Timberlake. There’s nothing the two brothers love more than to listen to Timberlake’s music.
After watching all his music videos on YouTube, the two young boys have started to try to recreate his famous dance moves. They got so good at it that their dad decided to take a video of them showing off their amazing dancing abilities, and share the images in the world.
Jacob and Jordan Valadez decided to dance on their favorite song from Justin Timberlake’s repertoire, and really did it their best knowing their dad was recording their performance. They dressed the part and did their little dance routine in the driveway of their house. Still, I think it’s safe to say their awesome performance is worthy of a much bigger stage.
There’s no way of knowing what career path these kids will end up following, but it’s pretty obvious that they might have a real future as dancers. They definitely have the right attitude and enthusiasm for it. You need to see this!

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