Hero Dog Uses Body to Shield Unconscious Owner During House Fire

Dogs have been dubbed as man’s best friends for as long as any of us can remember. But dogs have proven us time and time again that they are so much more than that. The brave dog in the video below is just one more example that shows just how incredible canines can be.
Che, a Philadelphia dog, is being hauled a hero after he helped save his owner’s life during a house fire that burst unexpectedly.
According to police reports, it was the dog’s insistent barking that woke up the neighbors early in the morning. Seeing smoke coming from the victim’s apartment, the neighbors called the fire department immediately.
Firefighters arrived at the apartment soon after, and came across a touching scene. Apparently, the dog was laying protectively on top of his owner who had passed out due to smoke inhalation. Instead of trying to save its own life, the dog fought against his survival instincts and stayed by his owner’s side in an attempt to protect her.
According to specialist, the fact that the dog stayed on top of his owner’s chest the entire time ultimately prevented the victim from being burned totally.


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