Her apartment in NYC is less than 100 sq feet — When I saw the inside? I couldn’t believe it

There’s a rule that many real estate agents live by and that is ‘Location, location, location.’ The location of a property has a huge impact on how much that property will end up being valued at. As you can imagine, an apartment in Manhattan is what you would call real-estate jewelry. But great location comes with a price; a massive price that many people simply can’t afford. A tiny apartment in Manhattan costs more than a five-bedroom house in a small city.
Still, the perks of living in a big city can’t be overlooked.
The woman in the video below wanted to enjoy living in Manhattan but wasn’t willing to spend all of her savings to do so. Her solution was to buy a small apartment and make the most out of the available space. Many would argue that the apartment simply did not offer enough room, but she says that the compromises she’s made are well worth it in the long run.
It took a lot of organizing to put every corner in her apartment to good use. The woman also eliminated all the junk that weren’t essential to her happiness and wellbeing. The result? A cozy, comfortable apartment in a great location. Here’s how she did it:

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