Heathrow Airport just released their Christmas advert and we can’t stop crying

MR and Mrs Bear are back pulling at our heartstrings this year for the Heathrow Christmas advert.

The cuddly characters were introduced last year when the two elderly bears were travelling though the airport to be reunited with their families over the festive season. This year we get to find out how exactly how they met – and it’s a real tear jerker.

Filmed in the historic – and now closed – Terminal One at the West airport, the two-minute advert takes viewers on a trip down memory lane as it recounts how the couple first met.

It begins with them meeting on a British Airways flight in 1967 – Edward a passenger and Doris a cabin crew worker. Mr Bear leaves his hat and jacket on the plane and the air hostess brings it out to him just before he has to leave the runway on a bus.

Will he ever see her again? Thankfully, the advert goes on to show how the couple endured a long distance relationship, balancing work and home life with jobs that travel overseas.

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