Group Of Kids Surprise Holiday Shoppers. See HOW

This video gone viral from the 1st day on internet. Its about “holiday giving” , “love” and “emotions”.

Talk about holiday giving! These shoppers got a heartwarming surprise while out making purchases at a local Fred Meyer. Thanks to a nonprofit organization called Practice Kindness, a randomly selected group of shoppers didn’t have to pay for their groceries for the day. The gesture is so impactful that many of the selected shoppers are moved to tears.

“Today we took some kids to Fred Meyer’s and wandered around waiting for them to pick out some unsuspecting people to pay for their stuff. JUST WAIT WHEN YOU SEE THE GUY! They were super thankful 🙂
We are intending on raising enough money to do this each and every day until December 22nd. We go out of our way to make sure we take a different family each day and let the children be the decision makers.
What an impact we’ve witnessed with this selfless act on both ends of the spectrum. Not only do the recipients get a gift, but so do we! Watch and enjoy.”
said a manager campaign from Practice Kindness
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