This groundbreaking device can stop tremor! The potential to help so many lives is unimaginable!

Medicine is constantly evolving and the results are sometimes groundbreaking. The amazing device you will see in action by watching the video below uses deep brain stimulation (DBS) to stop tremors and help people who suffer from diseases such as Parkinson. As you probably already know, one of the associated symptoms of these kind of diseases are extreme tremor.
Simple daily tasks like eating and even getting dressed on your own becomes nearly impossible when you experience tremors in your body. This groundbreaking devices is meant to help people with these kind of problems significantly improve their quality of life.
The man in the video below, for instance, was diagnosed with essential tremor (ET) and has since suffered with debilitating tremors in both hands. The tremors had only gotten worse over the years, up to a point in which the man could no longer button up his shirt without being helped.
Surgeons performed two separate brain surgeries on the man to implant the DBS device. At the end of March, the complete system was finally ready to be activated for the first time and the man could experience the miraculous results. After over 13 years, the man regained control of his hands!

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