Groom stops wedding to tell crowd his heart belongs to someone else, and she’s right behind him

When you truly love someone one, you love all of them. You love their funny, little quirks, you love their imperfections, and most importantly, you love whom they love. When Jessica and Jefferson decided to get married, they knew it was going to be an emotional event that they would remember for the rest of their lives.
But one gesture from the groom was enough to bring tears of joy to everyone at the wedding. And the one who was most touched by it was, of course, his wife to be.
You see, Jessica has a daughter from a previous relationship, and Jefferson wanted to show the little girl that the commitment he made that day was not only to her mom but to her as well. He wanted her to know that he will do everything in his power to be both a great husband to her mother and a protective dad.
The man’s promise to his daughter where he tells her that nothing would make him happier than having her as his daughter is one of the most beautiful wedding speeches we’ve ever heard.
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