Grief Stricken Parents Send Grave Warning After 1 Mistake By Teacher Claims Life Of Their Son

Losing a child is every parent’s absolute worst nightmare, and the grieving parents in the video wanted to step up and talk about the tragic events that occurred in their family so that it doesn’t happen to others.
Twelve-year-old Rory Staunton had cut himself during gym class, but because the cut wasn’t too deep, his teachers decided it was not necessary for the boy to visit the school nurse’s office. Instead, like many of us would probably do in the same situation, they covered the cut with a Band Aid and that was it!
However, later that day, Rory began feeling ill, and only 24 hours later, he was taken to the pediatrician with pain in his leg and a 104-degree fever. His pediatrician decided that the boy’s health condition required immediate treatment so Rory ended up in the emergency room at NYU Langone Medical Center.
Although his condition got worse, doctors there sent the boy home after treating him with IV fluids. A couple of days later, Rory and his parents returned to the emergency room where the cause of him feeling so ill was finally revealed.
As it turned out, that cut he got at school was at fault. Bacteria entered Rory’s body through the cut and was spreading all over, causing the boy to go into septic shock.
Everyone should know be aware of these hidden dangers, so please share. Could save someone’s life one day.

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