These “Granny Pods” are the best alternative to moving your loved ones into a nursing home

According to recent statistics, there are about 23 million people living in the United States who are in charge of taking care of their elderly parents.
And most of these people are often put in the situation of having to choose between two alternatives: place their parents in a nursing home or letting them live alone.
Well, the problem is there are significant downsides to each one of these two options. Letting elderly parents live alone comes with many concerns. That’s because as we advance in life, we need more medical attention and help in our lives to do normal, everyday things.
The second option, placing our aging parents in a nursing home, is not perfect either. For starters, it can be extremely expensive, and even if you can afford it, there’s always the risk of parents not liking the lifestyle that comes with living in a nursing home.
Now, a new elder care option comes to solve many of the problems above. Called the Granny Pods, these high-tech cottages are meant to provide the elderly with all the comfort and privacy of their regular homes and the medical amenities of a top nursing home.
What’s more, these spacious apartments that are equipped like a hospital room can be set up in your backyard in just a couple of days. So how much does one of these cottages cost and what is the full set of amenities it offers?
Check out the video below to get the answer and find out more about this new elder care option that could revolutionize how we take care of our elderlies..

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