“Gift”- This short film is our gift to all living creatures on the planet


In this feature, folks choose to receive a youthful red-headed young lady. She joins the family and over the long haul, she does the experiences the standard developing torments that are a piece of growing up. She interferes with her guardians, is some of the time a bit discourteous or ‘excessively inquisitive’, gets into battles with her non-received more seasoned sister. Over the long haul, her guardians get more baffled with the conduct of their received young lady. Therefore, they begin to treat her in an unexpected way.

It seems they are loving her less and less as each day goes on, when one day her father does something absolutely shocking. He takes her in his car for a ride, but it’s not a ride to a park or playground. It’s not for quality 1 on 1 father-daughter bonding time. What he ends up doing left me in tears. Make sure you watch until the very end to get the full impact of this powerful video.