Ghostly Car Advertisement — Never made it to air because of the unexplained incident

There’s definitely no shortage of strange videos online that surely not recommended for the faint of heart – or for those who don’t have a strong stomach. From strange creatures to weird old dudes dressed as Disney princesses, there’s a video to cover all meanings of the world weird.
But maybe the creepiest of them all are the one who don’t have any logical explanation. And the video below perfectly fits into the category.
If you wouldn’t know the story behind the clip, it would be easy to dismiss it as just another ordinary commercial that just didn’t appeal to the public. But apparently, something extraordinary happened while the producers were actually shooting the ad.
As it was later revealed, the film’s editor noticed a white mist moving along the side of the car. They didn’t pay much attention of it at first, but they later found out that the place they were shooting the commercial at was actually the scene of a crime a few years prior.
You’ll be able to spot the strange appearance if you look closely, so make sure to pay attention. You’ll definitely want to share this with all of your friends – but you have to watch the video to see why.

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