She froze while they crashed AROUND her and it saved her life

Do you believe in luck? It sure might seem strange to believe in an invisible force that can protect you from harm and only bring good things to you. But if luck doesn’t exist, then how would you describe what’s going on in the video below?
It all happened in a split second. In the footage recorded by a car’s dash cam you can see two cars colliding at high speed. It was one of those stupid car accidents that no one ever sees coming. One of the cars made a left-hand turn while a second vehicle was speeding into oncoming traffic. None of the drivers had time to avoid the collision.
The cars slammed each other, with one of the cars being thrown on the sidewalk. One woman who was casually walking on the sidewalk was caught in the middle of the two cars, but miraculously managed to walk away without a single scratch on her body, in part because she didn’t move at all as the car collided.
The cars missed her by an inch, and she is lucky to be alive. This is something you need to see to believe, so make sure you take a look:

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