Four out of five people found the dog in less than 10 seconds. Can you beat their time?

Are you good at spotting your friends in the crowd? How about details? Do you typically pay attention to them, or do you tend to focus more on the “big picture”? If you’re usually the one your friends come to whenever they want to make sure their outfit is perfect and all details are in check, then you’re probably going to do really well at the game below.
Detail-oriented people are pretty rare. Those are the people who can easily spot the details that don’t quite fit into the big picture. How can you tell if you’re the type of person who can notice details that others can’t?
You can also try this experiment: the next time you get together with your friends or when you meet someone new, pay attention to what’s the first thing you notice about them. Is your attention immediately drawn towards their accessories, what they are wearing, their hands gestures, or grammar errors? If yes, then you might be a detail-oriented person.
Also, you can always try this fun game. See how fast you can spot the dog that is hidden somewhere among the cows in the video below. How long did it take you to spot the dog? If you’ve managed to find it in less than 10 seconds, you’re most likely good at spotting details.































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