Foster Son Starves While Mom and Daughter Eat, Then A Customer Interrupts to Help Him

I’ve always had the deepest respect and appreciation for people who take care of foster children as if they were their own, especially if they have biological sons and daughters as well. I find it amazing that these people love all their children, adopted or not, the same way and not make any differences between them.

But then there are those people who take advantage of how the foster system works, and only agree to take care of a foster child so they can cash in on the benefits. It’s a deeply disturbing and shameful behavior that shouldn’t be tolerated.

They’ve asked three talented actors to act out a scenario that often happens in real life. The pretend adoptive mom tells the pretend foster child that she only gets a certain amount of money for him each month, so he can’t get what he wants in the menu at a restaurant. However, when it comes to her pretend biological daughter, mom’s behavior changes dramatically.

How will people react to this heartbreaking scene? Watch the video below and find out!

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